Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Fellowship


December 1.

The Guggenheim Fellowships are competitive three- to twelve-month in-residence fellowships for pre- or postdoctoral research in aviation and space history. Candidates are encouraged to pursue programs of research and writing that support publication of works that are scholarly in tone and substance and intended for publication as articles in peer-reviewed journals or in book form from a reputable publisher (in the case of post postdoctoral applicants) or in a doctoral dissertation (in the case of pre-docs).


Predoctoral applicants should have completed preliminary course work and examinations and be engaged in dissertation research. Postdoctoral applicants should have received their PhD within the past seven years.


Three- to twelve-month in-residence fellowships.


$30,000 for predoctoral candidates. $45,000 for postdoctoral candidates.

Notification Date



For more information, please contact: NASM-Fellowships@si.edu


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