Descriptions of the Museums, Research Institutes, and Research Offices of the Smithsonian research related information and research and affiliated research staff. 

Individuals listed in this section are divided into two categories; research staff, and affiliated research staff. Each listing contains information regarding the individual's educational background and their research specialties. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential advisors and co-advisors to determine the feasibility of the proposed research being conducted at the Smithsonian Institution, and the availability of relevant resources, including collections, archives, and library materials during the proposed tenure dates.

Research staff may be named by applicants to serve as principal advisors, co-advisors or consultants.

Affiliated research staff who are in residence during most of the tenure period proposed may be named as a co-advisor or as a consultant by an applicant.

Conservation staff are conservators who as a major part of their position conserve objects in our collections and are appropriate to serve as principal advisors to Conservation Fellows.

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